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Gamification …games and competitions

Attractive content helps draw the audience away from the game and reinforce the brand.
It is one of the most effective paths to conversion.

Mailocator includes a suite of games at its base, but also includes a game framework to enable rapid development of custom games.

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What will it give me?

  • The fastest way to conversion
  • You can try one of the many games included with Mailocator at no extra charge
  • The prize may be a discount code, which we will either display or send by email
  • Same action on mobile and desktop
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With Mailocator you also get…

  • You'll be in control of the design, no need to look back
  • Design your own game that no one has!
  • You can compete just like that or with a registration that we deliver to your CRM or email marketing tools
  • Dynamic entry of winnings and other values into the thank you page
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