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Automatic connection

We deliver your data anywhere.

Tools for email marketing

Email addresses, preferences, segmentation data – all this delivered automatically and instantly to the selected service, we keep records of the delivery status and constantly monitor the process.

  • 50+ integrated services
  • Automatic delivery to newsletter distribution systems
  • You don't need a programmer or a specialist
  • Failover backup integrated service
ecommerce platforms

You can use Mailocator on any platform and in any e-shop - use Google Tag Manager or simply add two lines to your template.

  • Connection does not require plugins or modules
  • Works great on Shopify
  • You don't need to change anything
  • You don't pay for extensions or add-ons
  • Audience and feed import
Webhooks, API
own storage

We can help you with customized connection - we support webhooks and third-party REST-API.

If even that's not enough, we have our own datastore.

  • Webhooks

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