Fair pricing policy

You only pay for the number of analyzed visitors to your site

Max 5,000 unique visits per month
  • 1 domain / project
  • 5 campaigns
  • predefined campaigns
  • standard integration
  • knowledge base
  • Mailocator branding
0 € / month

According to unique visits
  • unlimited domains and projects
  • unlimited number of campaigns
  • custom graphics + Designer
  • full integration
  • technical support
  • without branding
  • 5,000 credits to start
According to the number
of unique visits
start from 99 ¢ / CPT

enterprise solution, unlimited traffic
  • unlimited number of projects
  • unlimited number of campaigns
  • custom campaign development
  • detailed billing
  • Mailocator API
  • technical support 24/7
  • whitelabel option
  • own pricing
  (+420) 49 494 1919



Why are individual unique visits charged?

In order for it to work flawlessly and the campaigns to run as planned, we need to analyze the complete traffic - which is the basis for delivering content.

How do I find out the number of unique visits to my site?

Very easy, for example in Google Analytics or another statistical tool.
You can also use Mailocator for a test and we will measure the traffic for you.

Similar tools charge pageviews. How do I compare the price?

In normal operation, especially in e-shop platforms, there is an average of 6 pageviews per visit, so 10,000 visits is about 60,000 pageviews.

What are campaigns?

A campaign is a scheduled display of a single object - for example, forms for collecting contacts.

Can I use pop-ups, notifications, and other campaigns at the same time?

Of course! Mailocator has a scenario in which you freely plan your campaigns.

How do I pay based on the number of visits?

You will buy credits where one credit = one unique visit.
You choose the amount of purchased credits yourself, as needed.

How do I make a payment?

You can order credit after logging in to your account, we support payments by bank transfer and credit card.