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With us, you pay for unique visitors to the site because we think it's the fairest.
1 credit = 1 visit per 24 hours.
Everything else is and always will be unlimited.

unique visits per month
20 EUR without VAT per month
How to find uniques in GA

Traffic tracking in Google Analytics
Open the basic report to view the number of users for the selected period. This number will show you the estimated* number of credits consumed.

*) Mailocator counts unique users at 24-hour intervals. The example above shows the number of users for 28 days, which does not include recurring users on individual days. Given the nature of the site and its traffic patterns, the total number of unique users over the same period may be higher in Mailocator. The screens above illustrate the measurement of identical pages in Mailocator and Google Analytics, including the variance.


I prefer regular payments, can this be arranged?

+ -
If you are interested in regular monthly payments according to the expected traffic, we will be happy to prepare an individual offer for you. Please email us at or call us at +420 49 494 1919 on weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Do you have a pricing policy for agencies and B2B?

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For agencies, developers and freelancers who manage multiple accounts, we have favorable pricing terms depending on volume. Of course, you can distribute the credit freely among your clients in your portfolio at all times.

Can I transfer credit between my projects?

+ -
Of course, you can apply the credit to all your projects, including other services such as email validation.

Is there a time limit on credit consumption?

+ -
It is not, but after two or more years the remaining credit may be recalculated according to the current market price level. We recommend that you top up your credit so that it is used within 12 months.

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