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Crucial Features

At first glance, it is obvious that Mailocator contains properties and combinations of properties that are unique in their breadth and overlap in email marketing. The essential characteristics we would like to introduce you in the below.

Easy deployment and configuration

To unlimited use of all available Mailocator´s functions, it is necessary to put on the website the javascript snippet. This snippet does no slowing down your site and can be easily deployed either directly into the source code or using Google Tag Manager.

ESP integration

Linking your ESP (email system) has never been easier. For selected and frequently used email systems are available connectors easily join in with your logon credentials or via an API key.

Choosing from a variety of designs or custom code?

Do you have your own idea of design pop-up windows, or you prefer canned designs? You have a choice in Mailocator. You can choose from a variety of ready pop-up window in which you change the essentials, or you can embed your own unique code, containing graphics that corresponds to your site.

Personalization and scenarios

D you want to work with pop-ups and potential customers on intelligent basis? Use the menu of scenarios and define the display options for different types of events and customers. Discover personalization features and is simply reflected in the content of pop-ups and email databases.

A/B testing
and precise measurements

Do you not sure which version of a pop-up, its graphics or incentives for your customers be more successful? Never mind, you can test in Mailocator any design in any scenario with A/B testing and track results in real time.

Multistep pop-up
and questionnaires

Using Mailocator you have a unique opportunity to use multistep pop-ups. Everything you can imagine in simple example, when the first window you get visitors to opt-in process and in the other you have the option to email it to supplement the data that interest you. All subsequent steps are optional and, of course, is up to you and your site visitors, the extent to which additional data are available. From the above it is clear that using of Mailocator can easily create surveys on any number of consecutive steps.

Exit-intent technology

Do you want to target to visitors who are leaving your site? Due to unique Mailocator´s technology defining an exit from the series for a number of behavioral events, you can reach these visitors precisely targeted pop-up.

Discount and promotional codes

Do you want to use the offers for new visitors to only those visitors? And you don´t manually change the promotional codes or anything complicated programming? In Mailocator you do not - just upload a set of unique codes that uniquely apply only to one particular visitor. In addition, we will pass this information to your email systems, ie. each visitor will have in its email the unique promo code.

Accurate and clear statistics

You can rely on our statistics. For your chosen period comprehensible chart to compare traffic to the success of each scenario, A/B tests, and of course the impact on conversions on which to quickly evaluate the success of your acquisition programs.

How many customers you lost and how many you can get?

Average amount of visitors of your site a day