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Why Mailocator?

Mailocator has a number of properties, which in their combination is unique and will allow you to maximize conversions, create a primary segmentation on the email system to communicate with potential customers on 1:1. Striving for maximum personalization, targeting based on knowledge and behavior of their potential use in lowering scenarios together, e.g. with the use of unique promo codes, make Mailocator as the indispensable tool for your acquisition of new customers.

Our goal is maximum simplicity of the system, so that anyone with a basic knowledge to be able to have a few minutes to run its first acquisition campaign. From the experience of our customers, we can conclude that there is no exception campaign started during the first 15 minutes since familiarity with Mailocator.

We put great emphasis on evaluation of all available data. And it therefore goes without saying that all the time you have available and real-time information on traffic, the success of individual scenarios and triggers, as well as to easily evaluate the results of A/B tests and the results of you are using a web analytics tool to add results from the conversion of Mailocator.

Looking to history...

29. 2. 2016
We created the first version of Mailocator at the last day of February.

26. 8. 2016
After a month of testing of the production version we launched the first Czech client.

1. 10. 2016
Mailocator is an authorized partner of consulting company Acomware s.r.o.

1. 3. 2017
Mailocator works in version 1.1 with dozens of European clients. At the end of the month we have made 868,457 visits analyzed.

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