Effective contact collection for email campaigns

Stop losing your customers and get more contacts for your new business opportunities.
Connecting to your email service is very simple. We will take care of the rest.

Track visitors, use popups
and acquire contacts for your database.

You know what your visitors expect, we know how to attract and win them over.
Mailocator can detect the customer who wants to leave the site or search for a different content.

You can customize popups in real time and are able to segment your customers.

Mailocator respect your visitors and offer them features
that help increase campaign conversions in practice.


Mailocator is the ideal tool for your e-shop, portal or your blog

Create effective strategies for your site, link them to an existing email service or recommend new ones


Choose from design stock or create your custom design

Prepare your premium content and design that will bring you the maximum conversion rate


You can send vouchers or discount coupons to loyal customers

Reduce the number of abandoned baskets and persuade undecided customers


We measure and evaluate the real benefits of your campaigns

You can calculate campaign performance; via A / B testing and detailed statistics you will choose the best-performing option

Mailocator respects ePR / GDPR and rigorous privacy and personal data protection policies, complies with current European legislation as well as global PIPEDA, ePrivacy Directive, or AdChoices. Personal data protection
Our servers are not in anonymous cloud.
Mailocator is exclusively run on its own infrastructure located in Germany and the Czech Republic.

You can do it with your favorite tools

Mailocator works with most popular email services, e-shop solutions and content management systems.
Deployment is very simple and done in a few minutes.


Be in good society

Mailocator uses leading European ESPs and digital agencies, whom we brought dozens of thousands of new customers in one year.

Mailocator Basic is free and ready for use.
You can upgrade to the PRO version at any time.

Create your Mailnatives account and start to use Mailocator and other apps for free!

Mailocator Pro

Solutions for professionals, freelancers and agencies

Are you looking for professional services at top level?
Drop us a line or contact leading certified agencies.


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