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Function overview

How does it work in Mailocator?

Content display

Mailocator is a display platform for displaying any content without coding and web editing.

  • windows and pop-ups
  • objects stuck to the page
  • content embedded directly in the page
  • landing pages
Collecting contacts and other data

Get data for better segmentation in your applications - from CRM to email services.

  • automatic data transfer
  • you don't need a programmer
  • dozens of integrations with other systems
  • backup
Maximum campaign performance

Create campaigns with user experience and good conversion.

  • unlimited scenario
  • wide range of conditions and triggers
  • dataLayer support
  • campaign planning
Key functions

What you need to know…

Professional editor

Content creation including custom fonts, form elements, buttons, blocks, image manager on CDN, direct CSS editing.

Desktop, tablet, mobile

Edit content for any device simultaneously, custom and unlimited breakpoints for any display width.

Up to 29 trigger conditions

Triggering campaigns by conditions, traffic, time, geolocation, user behaviour on the page, frequency... that's a total of 536,870,912 combinations.

Data validation

We recognize typos, which we can correct or alert the user to incorrect entries.


We support displaying for specific countries or regions, the ability to exclude regions or only specific IP addresses.


We will deliver a discount code to your visitors, which can be unique, daily or obtained from your eshop API. Automatically and in the background.


Based on the data layer, we can personalize perfectly. We can display data directly, calculate it or create user history from it.

Plugins and development

With a sophisticated framework, we can create a new feature or turnkey campaign at a fraction of the cost and in a quick turnaround time.


What do you solve with Mailocator?

New contacts

You'll get new emails to grow your email marketing, and not only that - we'll deliver additional data together for better segmentation.

A range of content display formats including A/B testing

Display any content like pop-up, sidebar, notification, CTA button, landing page…

Easily add content directly to the page

You don't need a webmaster or coder to add content anywhere on your site yourself.

Attractive content

Engage visitors before they leave your site. Present information in an attractive and easy-to-see way, show off a video or draw them in.

Forms and multi-step

Create forms with content validation instantly, including multi-step content.

Get feedback

Ask visitors for their opinion and satisfaction, anonymously or in a public vote.

Recommend products or services

Offer an alternative own-brand product or goods that are left out.

Get marketing data

You'll get data to help you better segment and target your marketing.


How are campaigns launched?

Public and audience

They will launch a campaign for new visitors only, reward existing visitors and alert everyone to the ongoing event.


It will alert you to the special offer when the visitor is about to leave the page.


Displays the campaign when the user has finished reading part or all of the page.

Click, touch, cursor swipe

Tag active blocks on your site and show the campaign when a user touches them.


The campaign is triggered when a user is on the site for a set amount of time or has the page open for an unusually long time.

Language and country

Offer users specific content in their language and country of location.

Visits and pages viewed

Captivate on your first visit and reward repeat visitors.

URL addresses

Simply specify the URL or part of the URL where the campaign will run or hide.

dataLayer and cookies

Limits the display according to the value stored in the cookie or dataLayer. So you can have different content for a category and different content for a product.

Display dimensions

Do you use animations and play with graphics? Add a condition based on display width and height and your content will never be distorted again.

Days of the week and time of day

Displays different content for weekdays and weekends, during working hours or just for the duration of the event.

UTM parameters

It identifies the visitor and prevents the display of unwanted content or, on the contrary, links the content to an external campaign.

Type of device

View different content on desktop, tablet and mobile. Or create a mobile-only campaign.


Programmable events for complex scenarios allow almost unlimited chaining and conditioning.


Are you a developer or a coder? Create your own campaign launcher and experiment beyond the ordinary.

By third-party APIs

Want to run your campaign only in bad weather? The trigger API takes care of it.


What formats does Mailocator support?


A basic window with a darkened background that cannot be overlooked and requires visitor activity.

Floating box

A window stuck to the edge of the page that does not block other content or reduce the usability of the page.


Decent and non-distracting content at the edge of the page that only expands when you click or hover.


A small window usually located in the corner of the page containing a simple message, accompanied by a button or icon.

CTA button

An active but non-distracting object, often a button that activates any campaign. If the conversion is not completed, the campaign will turn into a CTA again.

Content embedded in the page

Have you been wondering how to add anything to your site quickly and without the assistance of a webmaster? Here is the solution.


Wheel of Fortune, memory game, scratch card... and other gaming campaigns are included in Mailocator with no limits or additional fees.

Fullscreen and Landing page

Prepare content for your audience from a PPC campaign or other sources. Displaying content across the entire site is easy.


What events can be added to buttons?


Subscribe to +50 email marketing tools, including detection of existing and unsubscribed contacts.

Data storage

We'll add your marketing data directly into the integrated tool or store it in our repository for you to download at any time.

Next step

We support multi-step forms, such as mandatory email and optional preferences.


Redirect the user to a defined URL.

Copy to Clipboard

Copy the discount code to the clipboard for further use.

Close with timing

Hides content immediately or in a given number of seconds. Esc key support.

Shut down

Allows you to suppress other campaigns if the visitor feels bothered.

Event chaining

Clicking can also easily trigger a chain of actions. For example, to subscribe a user and then redirect them to a specific URL.

For professionals

What are the benefits for agencies?

Expertise and assistance

Access to exclusive information and procedures, workshops and regular training sessions. We can help you design specific campaigns and technical solutions.

Benefits for your clients

We'll help you create campaigns that the client will appreciate and you'll gain a technological edge.

Agency administration

Agency client management console, clear billing, activity and performance reports.

Pricing policy and cooperation

Space for your profit, help with onboarding, development at a reasonable price or at our expense - if you come up with a good idea.

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