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A series of game campaigns
for the Czech Football Association

We created a series of in-game campaigns in which the user could completely create and predict the lineup of players before the game. In a follow-up campaign running only during the game, the best player was guessed.

The campaigns were tuned for mobile devices and personalized for each game of the season.

gamification contact collection personalisation conversion

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Product recommendations for Sanitino

Using real-time data, we found a solution to strengthen our own brand and increase sales on the Sanitino website in multiple languages.

  increase sales   brand promotion   automation

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Opportunity for creativity in Sherpas TECH

The wide range of templates is always useful when you are starting out or experimenting. If you want a professional result, you have to have an idea. And also a tool in which you can implement it.

  design opportunity   modern code   tech support

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Getting new leads for CityZen®

Based on the client's specifications, we created a technical campaign solution with a choice of preferences.

The goal was to obtain key data to create a basic segmentation.

  conversion   segmentation   animation

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