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Opportunity for creativity in Sherpas TECH


Set up Mailocator processes and administration so that agency work runs smoothly and without technical obstacles.

Access to HTML/CSS code, easy optimization for different devices and seamless senior level support were key.

  WYSIWYG editing but also access to complete code
  Scripting support
  Debug console and reporting
  Support and SLA

Approach to the solution

The data and content handling in Mailocator has been designed to respect agency workflows.

We created a set of default configurations to speed up client onboarding, and made agency-specific extensions available.

  • Cooperation with the agency Sherpas TECH
  • Providing training, support and consultation with team members
  • Issue recommendations for working with custom code
  • Feedback on real cases
Results and benefits

We have managed to set up processes so that even seemingly complex and visually imaginative campaigns can be launched in the shortest possible time and with minimal costs.

We simplified and streamlined the management and sharing of projects between the agency and its clients.

  • Production acceleration
  • Removal of technical barriers
  • Ongoing validation, upgrade and development
  • Extending integrations for other agency tools

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