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Automated product recommendation for Sanitino


Create campaigns that will automatically react to current data (stock, price) and recommend alternative private label products.

The solution was developed in cooperation with Proficio agency, which took care of exposing the necessary data and fine-tuning the content of the campaigns.

  Own brand sales support
  Data automation
  Flexible content work, easy campaign editing
  Using CTA buttons for better user experience

Approach to the solution

We have prepared a data entry for the dataer, developed a plugin for working with the data and formatting it.

We created an entire script that interacts with other campaigns, including collecting contacts or notifications about current events and offers.

  • Cooperation with the agency Proficio
  • Data automation
  • Plugin for real-time content addition
  • Support for 7 languages
  • Custom logic for mobile version
Results and benefits

The audience can easily learn about alternative products, their cost-effectiveness and comparable quality.

Thanks to automations, only relevant stock products and dynamically calculated discounts are always displayed.

  • Own brand support
  • Easy rollout of localised campaigns in many countries
  • Convenient editing and dynamically generated campaign content

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