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Collecting new leads for CityZen®


Create a form for collecting new contacts for email marketing, including the ability to choose content preferences.

The intention was to suppress the initial display of preference selection so as not to degrade the content promoting the discount. The preferences are always displayed only when the client decides to take advantage of the offer.

  Acquiring new leads
  Animation to display the preference option
  Working with click and touch events

Approach to the solution

Preparing a window that will be easy to edit and modify in the Mailocator Editor.

Create CSS animations to display preferences on desktop and mobile.

  • Collaboration on the graphic design created by the client
  • Campaign coding for desktop and mobile
  • Animation logic
  • Creating language mutations
  • Preparation for the A/B content test
Results and benefits

New leads are now supplemented with new preference data, which, depending on other data, helps improve email marketing performance.

There has been a near doubling of conversion rates.

  • Conversion above 5%
  • Audience segmentation from the first step
  • Attractive campaign form
  • Easily edit and modify campaign content

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