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Series of game campaigns for the Czech Football Association


The goal was to create an original series of campaigns for the entire football season that would promote the match partner while gaining an audience for other activities. For the email address, the challenge is to create a full user profile so that follow-up marketing activities can be targeted as accurately as possible.

  • Unique solution
  • Actual data for each match
  • Configuration without coding knowledge
  • Variation of four games
Approach to the solution

The development, including testing, was completed within three weeks.

The client received a custom game plugin that can be replicated in many other campaigns.

  • Collaboration on the graphic design created by the client
  • Campaign coding for desktop and mobile
  • Configuration using Mailocator input manager
  • Custom game plugin
  • Connection to Targito data engine
  • Safeguarding against outages in case of high traffic
  • A/B test preparation and evaluation
Results and benefits

The year-long campaign brought an update of the database of users and their preferences and opened up further opportunities for targeted marketing activities.

The campaign and prize giveaways helped drive higher social media content viewership and user engagement.

  • Attractive campaign with social media reach
  • Rapid filling of user database
  • Validation of actual contacts with detection of 4.7% of erroneous data
  • Enriching the database with preferences and marketing data
  • Increase user engagement on social media

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